Table of Contents:

Ramen no Oujisama Character Routes

Character Routes Available: Sango, Mie, Tomone, Kikue, Shouko, Rika, Hanako, Lina, Min-Seo, Mana


The Godhood Chronicles

Please note: all ** below have not yet been integrated into the current version

General Walkthrough:
I. Starting / Averon & Merile Quest storyline
II. The Mystery of Aberitha storyline
**III. The Queen of Madrana storyline
Playthrough: Miscellaneous


Player Customizations
+ Stats / Physical Features
+ Character Alignment
+ Temple / Sex Training

Available Devouts


+ Alonra Okaran
+ Averon
**+ Beat Steelstride
+ Chryseis
+ Filia Alhmeister
+ Fiona Alhmeister
 Gwynnifer Selt
+ Green Lamia
**+ Red Lamia
+ Grogan Greyblade
 Lydia von Oppemeier
Maggie Fairbright
 Merile Heathford
+ Nue
**+ Penelope Farsheim
+ Rawn Claiborne
+ Sthae Maeve
+ Teleri
+ Velani

Thessila Quests
+ Larklast Quests
**+ Madrana Quests

Kitchen Recipes