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Godhood Chronicles Playthrough: The Silver Palace

Please note: You must complete the Aberitha Mystery before you can trigger the main Silver Palace quest.


Talk to your high priestess to start the quest (Quest 015) and open a path to the town of Madrana. Go to the harbor outside of Larklast to find a ship to take you to Madrana.


Go to the Silver Palace and talk to the Queen Xelastra / King Xelast (based on your gender preference). You will be given two options to choose from and two devouts to select:

Xelast route:

+Choose Agree: opens path to acquire Xelast as a devout. You will be able to take part in the sex scenes in most of the apartments within the Silver Palace. You will then be able to return to the temple afterward.

The following night that you will spend alone in your chambers in the temple, a scene with Xelast will trigger. Talk to your Divine, then return to the Silver Palace. Talk to the novitiate in the Priory (make sure to ask them about the plants) and then go to the gardens and select the Sunflower to get 5 GodPoints.

Fight Pahngast to gain Xelast as a devout.

Penelope / Perriwen route

+ Ask to think it over: opens path to acquire Penelope / Perriwen Farsheim as a devout. Spend a night in the guest room in the Silver Palace and trigger a scene with Farsheim. After three days of in-game, return to the Silver Palace to trigger a scene. Defeat Pahngast’s Shadow to gain Penelope/Perriwen Farsheim as your devout.

Please note that if you do not go back to the Silver Temple within three days you will miss the opportunity to recruit either as a devout!

Optional Quests:
+ Quest 016: The Treasure Hunters

Available Devouts: **not yet available
+ Xelast / Xelastra
+ Penelope / Perrin Farsheim

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