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Birthplace: unknown
Skin: green
Gender: male
Build: muscular
Eye Color: red
Hair: short with a small ponytail
Hair Color: black
Features: draconic
perks: Counterattack (physical attack)

How to recruit:

Complete Quest 016. Talk to your Divine in the temple to trigger the Treasure Hunters quest. Go to the sparse area of palm trees to the left of the Larklast Outer Harbor (just a few steps below the path leading there). Watch the scene and win the fight. Return to your Divine and trigger another conversation. Now from Larklast, go to the right of the map. Once in the new map go left again but this time on the path right above the one you took. Go to the next map above it, and then to the right map again. You should be in the map where there is a spiral path leading toward a tall, thin tower. Go to the lake there surrounded by palm trees. Watch the scene and fight the creature to go to the next step. Talk to your divine for the last time. Go to the Thessila Fishing Grounds and talk to the boys again.

Please note that you get both Darius and Sante Mondennay for this quest.


not yet implemented


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