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Birthplace: Thessila
Gender: male or female
Build: willowy
Eye Color: golden
Hair: long
Hair Color: green
Breasts: medium-sized
Butt: medium-sized
Features: elven
perks: earthquake (earth-based attack)

How to recruit:

Complete Quest 003 and Quest 004 in Thessila. After the fight with Merile, when given the option to agree with her or tell her she’s going to be arrested, do the latter.


not yet implemented


Unlike other devouts, Averon will be accessible via the Gardens in your temple. There is also an option to make them male or female.

Choosing Averon will allow you to earn money for 6 tags that you collect per town. Travel through town maps to find seed tags – present the completed sets to Averon to earn 1000 coins per town area.

Averon’s kink is either dominant/submissive.

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