This is a Godhood Wiki page to explain gameplay and other features of the RPG. This page is constantly being expanded and added to!

Please note: this wiki addresses basic game concepts. Patreon supporters will be provided more specific walkthroughs for the game.


God of War features:

  • Increases your strength attribute, giving you increased physical damage in battle.
  • Benefits from physical-based spells.
  • The greater your strength, the higher the chances of seducing / recruiting a devout who favors strength in their gods.

Devouts who favor gods of war:

  • Lamia (Green)
  • Lydia von Oppermeier

God of Wisdom features:

  • Increases your wisdom attribute, giving you increased magic damage in battle.
  • Benefits from magic-based spells
  • The greater your wisdom, the higher the chances of seducing / recruiting a devout who favors wisdom in their gods.

Devouts who favor gods of wisdom:

  • Avilee
  • Desi

God of Death features:

  • Increases your stamina attribute, giving you increased maximum HP.
  • During sex scenarios, you will increase the chances of your partner cumming before you do if you’re a god, and induces you to cum faster if you’re a goddess.
  • The greater your stamina, the higher the chances of seducing / recruiting a devout who favors stamina in their gods.

Devouts who favor stamina:

  • Jereck Smithson

God of Love features:

  • Increases your seduction attribute, giving you increased chances to successfully seduce an opponent in battle, bypassing the fight.
  • Receives a higher chance of successfully flirting and / or seducing devouts.
  • The greater your seduction, the higher the chances of seducing / recruiting a devout who favors charisma in their gods.

Devouts who favor seduction:

  • Rawn Claiborne
  • Teleri

God of Wealth features:

  • Adds 150 additional coins to your starting stash and grants you more coins during battles and when receiving town tithes.
  • The greater your wealth, the higher the chances of seducing / recruiting a devout who favors wealth in their gods.

Devouts who favor gods of wealth:

  • Maggie Fairbright
  • Merile Heathford


Throughout the story you will be given an option to choose an alignment.  As you progress with the story you will be given more series of choices that will determine whether you choose to remain good / evil, or take the opposite route. Each alignment also has certain degrees of goodness / evilness, and achieving a certain degree can trigger certain quests / storylines – it can even determine good or evil devouts you can recruit!

Choosing this path will bring you to the path of goodness and light. You will be more admired and respected by the population.

Available degrees of Lawful alignment (arranged from mildest to extreme)

  • God of Kindness
  • God of Good Works
  • God of Heroes
  • The Blessed
  • The Beloved

Choosing this path will bring you to the path of evil and chaos. You will be more feared and reviled by the population.

Available degrees of Chaotic alignment (arranged from mildest to extreme)

  • God of Scoundrels
  • God of Knaves
  • God of Sinners
  • God of Blackguards
  • The Demon God


During foreplay and sex scenes, players can select certain courses of action. Foreplay will always lead to sex scenes. Sex scenes end when:

  • FOR GOD CHARACTERS: the player’s character is able to orgasm, with a chance that their partner also reaches fulfillment. If their partner is able to orgasm before the player character, their sexual satisfaction with you increases.
  • FOR GODDESS CHARACTERS: the player’s partner is able to orgasm, with a chance that the player’s character also reaches fulfillment. If the player’s character is able to achieve orgasm before their partner, their sexual satisfaction with you increases.

Certain actions will trigger higher satisfaction levels than others, and those that achieve higher satisfaction for the player’s character may differ from their partner’s.

Sometimes, certain partners will have a very specific kink / fetish that will help them cum faster when their corresponding actions are selected. Letting your partner cum (as a god) or being able to cum (as a goddess) will also improve their sexual relationship with you and open more quests and storylines.

It is impossible to achieve sexual satisfaction with partners without penetration (getting partners off with a player character’s mouth, etc.). This will count as oral sex and not penetrative sex in your devout history. You can choose to have multiple partners or only one, but any perks / benefits from staying ‘faithful’ to only one partner will only work if you do not have penetrative sex with anyone else.


Some devouts may have certain kinks or fetishes. As your devouts’ sexual satisfaction increases, they can be more open about them. Some kinks may also not be open to devouts depending on their personalities. (A dom character, for instance, will not be a submissive.) You can also train some of your devouts to acquire certain kinks in the temple dungeon.

Available kinks:

  • Dom / submissive
  • Rapeplay
  • Gangbang
  • Cumslut
  • Anal
  • Voyeur
  • BDSM
  • Group
  • Public / Exhibitionism
  • Toys
  • other kinks to be determined by Patreon supporters

When conversing with devouts in towns, etc., you will have the option of flirting with them.

Successful flirting requires your character to have a high enough stat that the devout favors (a devout who favors the God of War, for example, will require you to be at a certain strength level to successfully flirt.)

Once flirting is successful, talk to the devout a few more times to trigger a sex scenario. You can either:

  1. ACCEPT. Sex scenario takes place, with the option to recruit them as your devout afterward.
  2. REJECT. You can still recruit them even if you don’t have sex with them.


Devouts are characters that you can recruit to join your temple. Relationships with them can be established depending on your actions toward them.

Devouts can be recruited in two ways:

  1. Accomplishing specific quests for them
  2. Seducing them

They can grant you special abilities during battles (by assigning them to accompany you in fights) or add new extensions or benefits to your temple (by assigning them to certain rooms or structures). Do note that certain devouts are restricted only to certain areas of your shrine, or cannot be added to it. These areas are also limited, so choose your devouts carefully!

Devouts also have their own specific attributes and specialties. After recruitment, player gods can improve their relationship with their devouts through the following:

  1. Sexual relationship – increases by increasing sexual satisfaction during sex scenes. Devouts will be more open with other kinks as the relationship improves.
  2. Trust rating – increases by accomplishing additional quests associated with them. A higher trust rating allows them to provide more benefits in battle or at your temple.
  3. Love – increases by romancing them during certain events or choice triggers, or by siding with them when prompted with certain choices. A higher love rating also unlocks their personal storylines.

Gods can choose to engage in multiple relationships throughout the story, or focus only on one.

The head priest or head priestess will be the first devout that you will encounter, and can be customized according to your preferences based on your answers during the prologue. They will also have randomized names and will automatically serve as the head of your temple. They are automatically assigned to the hearth, where they will be informing you of any available quests you might have. You can also choose to bring them to the inner chambers for the night. Among the devouts, they are also the most customizable when it comes to sexual preferences and kinks.

  • Avilee
  • Desi
  • Jereck Smithson
  • Lamia (Green)
  • Lydia von Oppermeier
  • Maggie Fairbright
  • Merile Heathford
  • Rawn Claiborne
  • Teleri



The temple is where you can manage your devouts. It can be extended at certain parts of the story, and players can also assign recruited devouts to certain rooms to provide benefits.

  • Your head priest/ess will be assigned here
  • Provides you with information about incoming quests from all over the land
  • Can be gained after solving Quest 002: The Secret of the Springs
  • Devouts can randomly come to use these springs
  • Sex / romance scenarios can also be triggered here
  • your bedroom within the temple
  • you have the option to choose one person to spend the night with every time you stay at the temple
  • Elven Tree will be assigned here if Quest 004: The Strange Tree is completed and you choose Avilee.
    • collecting certain items from enemies and offering them to the tree can grant you extra coins
  • Merile Heathford will be assigned here if Quest 004: The Strange Tree is completed and you choose Merile.
    • enslaving certain enemies and bringing them to Merile will grant you extra coins

(benefits not yet implemented)

  • has up to 5 rooms to house devouts in. Devouts in these rooms can provide you with additional perks / benefits.
  • you can pay to expand the rooms to house more devouts
  • This is a temple expansion that you will need to pay for.
  • You can train your devouts in certain kinks here once requirements for them have been met (high trust rating, sexual satisfaction. etc.).