We’ll be using this page to help augment our Patreon page!

Here are some of the latest updates:

1.) We’ve launched a working pre-alpha demo of our new text RPG game, GODHOOD! You can currently play it here. What currently works:

  • RPG combat system with win/lose sex scenarios and choices
  • recruitable characters to join your faith, and 4 current quests!
  • lawful / chaotic system – choose to be a kindly god or an evil one! The alignment you choose will determine your storylines and the devouts you can recruit!
  • COMING SOON: goddess option
  • COMING SOON: a harem-like temple system where you can manage your devouts!
  • COMING SOON: game documentation

2.) We’ll be releasing the next version of Ramen no Oujisama soon, with a new character route! We’ve been cleaning up some of the previous routes (which we should be able to finish in the next update after this) and improving our animations and art, so expect some big improvements!